** News Item !! **

The EUROTECH name sure gets around. Sources tell us that a Eurotech tool kit was offered as a competition prize in one of those girlie magazines that men like (for the articles, of course!). We weren't told what had to be done to win the prize!!!!!

Watch Out for Price Rises !!!

The Aus$ is on the improve. However, we are still going to see more price rises on many imports. Unfortunately the countries that we import from also suffer changes to their own currency; often resulting in higher production costs and, hence, increased selling prices.

We are seeing price increases on items almost daily, so keep a watchful eye on your buying costs and UPDATE YOUR COMPUTER accordingly.


General Observation - Is Your Computer Costing You Sales (& Money)?

Some Businesses are relying heavily on their computers to help run their business. Unfortunately, unless the data in computers is continuously updated, several problems may result :
Discontinued items continue to be reordered.
Orders continue to be placed with Businesses which have changed address or are defunct.
Mail is sent to out-of-date addresses.
Payment is made to the wrong company (A few Ex-Tradeware clients know about this).
Unrecorded price changes result in incorrect costing and pricing.
Out-of-date part numbers mean that ordered items are not supplied or incorrect items are ordered.
Also, the store keeper that orders only from the computer records, may well miss out on new items and items that are on "SPECIAL".
The computer can only Assist you to run your business - it cannot Run it for you.